Buyer Information

Here are some interesting facts about the typical Buyer of a small to medium sized business:

Four out of five Buyers have never owned a business in the past. This generally means that most Buyers need a lot of help and education from a knowledgeable and experienced Business Broker.

The majority of Buyers have more "know how" and access to financing a business than they realize. An experienced Business Broker can greatly help in reviewing and sorting out the Buyer's options to ensure that no opportunity is missed.

Less than 20% of all Buyers actually pay all cash for a business. Proven tactics and strategies can be explained by a good Business Broker.

A Buyer's all cash price can generally drop the business selling price by as much as 20% or more. See Broker for explanation of financing options.>

The seven main reasons most Buyers wish to buy a Business are:

Remember that only about five-percent of the US population owns their own Business. Therefore, to successfully bridge the gap from employee to employer you need all the help you can get. AZBB is one great source that you can start using immediately, and it's FREE!).

If you are seriously looking to move into the arena of owning your own business we need to talk. We will assist you in determining the best type of business to fit your lifestyle needs. We take into consideration your financial position, your family life, education, work history, hobbies, and anything that will help us to ensure that you buy the right business for you. Remember, there is no room for on-the-job training when it comes to buying a business. You need an experienced broker to help you all the way. We do this without cost to you.